Treat your body


Living busy lives we usually see the damages and stress in our skin. Start from the core and treat your body to our range of relaxing and rejuvenating body treatments, designed with the client in mind. From massage, to weight loss therapy right through to hair removal, we have a fully trained team who specialise in body beautiful treatments.

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Toning tables

Pay as you go - £5

Course of 10 valid for 3 months - £40

Unlimited for 1 month - £50

Cheshire & Warrington Carers fitness vouchers - read more here!


Contour body wraps

The original sea clay body wrap treatment detoxifying, contouring and revitalising - £45.00


Ultra tone body shape

Trial - £10

Per session - £20

10 sessions - £150



Body & facial massage - £45

Hot stones massage - £45

Indian head massage - £45

Leg - £15


Toning Beds
Ease and Tone Toning Tables - Toning Tables are passive exercise machines.

Take 1 hour of Great Relaxation at Ease and Tone
Strengthen and tone your muscles
Improve your posture
Promote a feeling of Wellbeing
Increase Joint Flexibility
Enjoy Inch Loss


Machine 1 - Stomach Hip Trimmer

Tones and tightens the muscles in the stomach and hips as well as strengthening the abdominal muscles.


Machine 2 - Leg Toner

The smooth circular exercise effectively tones, strengthens and trims the entire leg area. The action also offers knee and hip flexion and extension and increases circulation in the lower torso.


Machine 3 - Hip Waist Trimmer

Gently stretches and relaxes the muscles, which in turn firms, tightens and reduces the waist, abdomen, hips and buttocks and also helps to strengthen the lower back.


Machine 4 - Tummy Toner

Tones and tightens the entire midriff area - putting elasticity back into the abdominal muscles and helps to reduce the unsightly tummy bulge


Machine 5 - Waist Trimmer

Strengthens and tightens abdominal muscles and lower back. It improves muscle tone all over the body and helps to trim the waistline.


Machine 6 - Circulator Rower

The rowing action tones the chest, back upper arms and shoulder area. The Circulator eases tension and stress, improves blood and lymphatic circulation and promotes a feeling of wellbeing.


Herbal Life


We have a weight management system Herbalife, a consultation is FREE normal cost £27.00, we will take details of your current BMI and advise on a weight management solution. Herbalife allows you to lose weight with minimum effort; it is easy to follow and doesn't interfere with your family meals! Call us now to arrange an appointment, for those who are a little embarrassed to come down to the salon we can arrange a home visit. All home visits are carried out by a female, average cost per day £3.80less than a sandwich, packet of crisps and a drink! We have many success stories!

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